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Clogged Garbage Disposal

The garbage disposal is not infallible. The problem is that during the hours and hours of cooking, either too much waste gets thrown down the disposal or items are discarded that cannot be broken down. No matter what the reason, clogged garbage disposals are the chef reason for emergency calls to plumbers.

Here are some tips: First, even if you aren’t going to be the actual cook for this meal (we know how pushy your mother-in-law can be), make sure that everyone who is going to be using the disposal knows what shouldn’t be put in there:
No corn husks No grease No bones No potato skins No egg shells No lettuce No metal, of course

Second, don’t stuff too much down the disposal at once. Do a little at a time. If you see a problem starting, call an emergency plumber before you find yourself standing in a flooded kitchen.

It can be a tricky hoop to jump through, since this meal is often a group effort, but you either need to marshal everything that will go in the disposal or put out a mandate of how to use it. Everyone will, of course, feel insulted, but it is better to be safe than to have your kitchen flood just as everyone sits down to eat.

You don’t want to invite a plumber over at mealtime.  Be careful of what you put down the disposal.