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Repair a Clogged Sewer Line

A blocked sewer is an issue which requires immediate attention as it can lead to a stinker of a situation, if not unclogged in time!  The potential sanitary problems and back up into your home are daunting such that you need to repair a clogged sewer line.

Water drains from sinks, bathrooms, showers and every other outlet in your home and is eventually routed to your sewer line. Unfortunately objects that do not belong down any sink or drain nonetheless do go down the drain and cause clogged or blocked up sewer lines. The first tip that you may have this issue is that water starts off regurgitating from all the drain holes in the home.  The water starts to back up through sinks and drains. There are a number of causes for this blockage or clog.

One of the most widespread ones is the accumulation of meal products, toilet paper or the growth of tree roots inside the sewer. The blockage caused by meal products or food can be prevented by the use of a strainer at the drainage outlet and keeping away from forcing down non-perishable objects like plastic. A major cause of clogged sewer lines is cooking oil and coagulated grease.

If you suspect this is the issue, the first thing to try is a chemical drain cleaner. These are acidic chemical compounds that can effectively clear out any natural obstruction by dissolving them. These chemical compounds are generally accessible in hardware retailers. Follow the instructions by the manufacturer and pour the chemical down the blocked drain. Small natural obstructions are generally cleared by these chemical compounds as well.  Know that these chemicals or compounds can be very harsh on the environment, and potentially your pipes as well.

If this technique does not work then you clearly have a serious blockage that may include some kind of grown tree roots.  For these more serious situations you, or a plumber, will need to try a plumbers snake.  You will need entry to the drainage system, which you should find in the basement. There is a clean out plug located there, which you will have to open up and then feed the snake into the drainage system.

Spot a bucket below the plug and loosen it slowly and gradually. Some waste may possibly leak out, which you can collect in the bucket. Once the leakage has stopped, eliminate the plug fully and insert the snake tool inside and push it in as significantly as you can. Rotate it clockwise as you insert it in and push until it hits an obstruction. Maintain pushing and rotating until the obstruction is cleared out. Remove the snake and then seal the plug again.

Maintenance is the key to avoiding a clogged sewer line.  We need to stop putting fatty food products down the disposal. No manmade objects, other than toilet paper, down the toilets.  No plastic toys into the toilets.  No grease, potato skins, orange skins or banana peels down the disposal.  Follow these simply rules and you unlikely to develop a clogged sewer drain.