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Sewer Repair

There’s a few reasons you may need sewer repair!

If there are older trees near a sewer pipe it can mean problems. Tree roots naturally seek ground water, if they find wet ground around a cracked mortar joint in the sewer line, the roots grow into the sewer seeking water and nutrients. Over time the roots grow larger and a sewer blockage is caused. Some other causes for sewer repair are a sheared sewer,  or grease and debris stuck in the line. Grease put in your drain can cause a narrowing of the line which eventually catches something and clogs the drain or sewer line.

There are many tools to remove a clog in a blocked sewer line or drain line. We can restore your pipe to its original diameter by cleaning and clearing the pipe. Your plumber will suggest several options/solutions to your plumbing problem. It may involve the auguring or rodding equipment or for heavy grease -the jetter.  If there are on going problems in a home a video sewer inspection will be done by the plumber with his sewer camera. The jetter is more complicated equipment and is used only when grease, sludge, sand and debris are the main causes of commercial drain line blockages or serious residential blockages.  Scottish Plumber has the drain cleaning experience to diagnose and solve your drain problems.