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Broken Sewer Pipes

Give your home “a new lease on life” with our new less invasive sewer repair method, save money and your beautiful yard.

The Situation: the customer was complaining about an inter-mitten sewer gas smell in her home
The Problem: broken sewer pipe in the crawlspace under the house which would have been almost impossible to dig up and replace because of the tight conditions.
The Solution: The Scottish Plumber used it newest technology to re-line this sewer saving the homeowner thousands of dollars and restoring their plumbing services the same day.

Our technology is just as impressive and very similar to the medical procedures being used on arterial surgeries. Similar to plumbers using a video camera on a long cable and watching it on a computer monitor to look inside your homes pipes, Physicians looking at pictures on a computer screen and using robotic tools inserted into our arteries make essentially the same repairs on arteries as we do on sewer lines. Similarly – they first rod out the arteries (they use much more precise equipment and technical terminology); then patch or re-line the broken or bad spots in the artery.  In a very short amount of time –the surgeon makes the repairs and you’re up and about the same day!  Plumber make repairs similar to arterial stents and your homes plumbing services are usable several hours after the procedure is finished.  The cured in place pipe is inserted into the cracked and broken section, taking only hours to harden and cure; leaving behind a smooth seamless pipe which is as strong as or stronger than the original.

My analogy came about when my mother needed a stent put into her artery, afterwards her surgeon discussed the procedure with me -calling himself a plumber. I remembered this conversation as if it was yesterday– it was 20 years ago!  Recently I needed to explain how this cured in place plumbing pipe works and I recalled my mother’s surgery –It is funny how the mind works but the light bulb lit up in my head and here I am using this experience as a comparison to plumbing and sewers.

We are able to give you a 50 year warranty on your sewer line repair and Physicians are unable to give warranties, although my mother is still on this earth – 20 years after her stent was inserted (she is now 84).

This new plumbing technology of CIPP (Cured In Place Pipe) is quickly becoming the preferred method of sewer repair because it saves homeowners TIME, ENERGY and MONEY.  The CIPP allows us to save most customers 50% on repairing broken sewers; giving their homes a new lease on life and saving homeowners a lot of stress and money.